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March 12 - 13

Philanthropy LAN Philanthropy LAN


March 12 - 13
2 days for charity

The Tespa East Region is proud to be hosting PhiLANthropy, an intercollegiate charity LAN event driven by and for the gaming community.

This event is the first event of its kind. We're hosting guests, tournaments, and community events with a broad range of games including League of Legends, Sm4sh, and Hearthstone ( Bring your comrades, friends, and family to take part in PhiLANthropy! Proceeds from this event will support the Boston Children's Hospital through the Extra Life charity foundation.




Why go?

March 12 - 13
2 days of charity

Meet up with fellow competitors, make friends, make rivals, or just hang out with friends.

Win big

Participate in one of the many tournaments, show off your skills and win cash prizes and peripherals.

Support a good cause

All proceeds are going to charity, so feel good about helping those in need.


Spend two awesome days worrying about nothing but gaming. It's spring break, so make the most of it!



March 12 - 13
2 days of charity

Stephen "Snoopeh" Ellis

1Evil Geniuses

A former professional League of Legends player, who previously played as the Jungler for Evil Geniuses.

Dan Dez

2The Lo-Fi Apocalypse

The developer at the one man game studio Lo-Fi Apolalypse, Inc. He is the team behind OBEY, an asymmetrical multiplayer game.

Scott "xem92" Kuva


Xem has been speedrunning consistently for a little over a year. His primary game is Ratchet and Clank 3, achieving a 1st place 100% run at 4h 48m 47s.

Jerry "JerKro" Kroboth


A streamer and speedrunner who's primary game is Sonic Adventure DX. JerKro achieved a 1st place Big's Story run at 5m 42s 450ms.

Christopher Sheldon-Dante

5Mob Made Games

Developer and co-founder of Mob Made Games, the team behind Descendants: Voidborne. Descendants: Voideborne is a fast paced tactical-4X hybrid with a twist; the map persists from match to match.